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December, 2004


Happy Holidays!

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Crabby Pants

Christmas Presence  

Dietrich Chiropractic, SC 

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Creating Workplace Community: Motivation

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Intention is simply the course of action that one proposes or intends to follow. It more strongly implies deliberateness.

Crabby Pants

I think it was my nieces, Martine and Rachel, who I first heard coin the phrase "Crabby Pants". You'll find that at most holiday gatherings someone has them on. My family was blessed with a very keen sense to know who's wearing their crabby pants. We joke, we laugh and in the end are hopeful that between dinner and Santa the pants will magically adjust to happy ones (and they often do).

Around this time of year, many of our conversations shift to the demands of the season and to the gatherings that we're fond of - kids coming home from college (for a WHOLE month), decisions about where and how to spend the holidays, traveling, parties, traditions and good food - to name a few.

Thoughts, emotions and habits that lay dormant all year suddenly appear and are dancing at the surface (just like the visions of sugar plums).

I find myself asking my clients, "What's your intention or purpose for your interactions this holiday?" At first, I often get a puzzled look. Then, they begin to realize that they have choices! They not only decide what gifts to give and what meal to make but also the attitude or presence they will have in their conversations.

You can wear crabby pants or happy pants; leadership pants or go with the flow pants; talking pants or listening pants. Yes, you have choices!

This holiday season with its bliss and chaos, I encourage you to identify your choices, set your intentions, lighten up, take deep breaths and see what happens!


Christmas Presence

In Reverend Leo Booth's most recent email he beautifully described what it means to be present. He took the words right out of my mouth.

At a time of gift giving, I want to suggest the idea of not so much giving a present, but being the "present." "Present" is being there. It is not only living the moment but also experiencing it. We must also be present.

I like to think that when I am with somebody, I am present, aware, there. In this way, I try to show respect.

Maybe we could all make this intention for Christmas:

      • Let us be present with our families.
      • Let us be present in our friendship.
      • With strangers, let us be present to offer a smile or say, "Hello."
      • In prayer, let us be present to express the creative spirit flowing through us.
      • In world conflicts, let us be present to feeling the pain of war and suffering.
      • Let us be present in awareness that we are the true gift at Christmas.

I hope this tidbit is helpful. I encourage each of you to be "present" in your life so that you can experience all the magic that comes from being aware.


Dietrich Chiropractic, SC

Congratulations and good luck to my husband, Dr. John B. Dietrich II, as he begins a new adventure - his very own chiropractic practice in Wisconsin Rapids! He opened is doors on December 1st.

Here's his contact information:

150 11th Avenue South

Wisconsin Rapids, WI  54495



Ah-Ha Moments

I was recently given a gift from one of my coachees. It was an angel ornament with a verse that said,

Angel at My Side

A loving touch, a guiding hand, and

watchful,tender care can touch our hearts and

make us feel an angel has been there.

Who are the real life angels in your life?


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The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our progress.


During the holiday season, my thoughts gratefully turn to those who have made my progress possible. Thanks to all of you and may the joy of love, peace, health and prosperity come to you this holiday season!

Service Support Staff Institute - Jean Dudgeon, Connie Christianson and Others on Your Conference Planning Committee

Heart of WI - Heather Wessling, Member Showcase; Jill Cavanaugh, Assumption Junior Class

UW-Stevens Point Extension - Michael Bialas and Sue Gunderson

Kristie Cecil - Revive Your Creative Spirit

Joanne Keyzer, Health Studio; Tina Bart, Riverview Hospital; Lynn Wiggins, Rapids Mall - Health Basics Expo

Greater Madison ICF Chapter

NSA - WI Chapter

Family Health Center of Marshfield - Randy Neve


Jackie's Offer

As a life and business coach, speaker, consultant and author, Jackie creates shifts and empowers lives.

Her goal is to assist individuals and organizations to effectively communicate, improve their ability to connect with others, remove obstacles, create professionalism, believe and trust in themselves, embrace uncertainty, increase personal well-being and be more effective.

Jackie has extensive experience in health and wellness businesses and initiatives, organizational needs assessment and performance improvement.

Shes known for her balanced combination of energy, substance, insight, enthusiasm, interaction, humor and compassion.


She partners with people and organizations who are "ready" to seek lasting change and mastery, those committed to bringing results, openness, vision, passion and spirit into their life or workplace.


According to her coaching clients, she offers a simple, safe place to reflect, explore and move toward their vision in any area of

their life or business.

Contact Jackie for Coaching, Speaking, Consulting


Jackie's Request

My request is that you'll be an advocate for me and the services I provide. I value your assistance and appreciate your support. Im very grateful to those of you who have referred coaching clients, speaking engagements and consulting opportunities my way.

I would be honored to share this information with you and others. So, dont hesitate to invite me to come to your next staff meeting or social gathering. 

Do you know someone else who would enjoy the Whole Life Visions Newsletter? Please forward this on or refer them to to sign up. Remember to keep the information intact, including the contact information. Thanks!



Complimentary Coaching Session

Would you like to discuss the possibility of creating a coaching relationship? Jackie invites you to contact her to set up a time to talk. This is your opportunity to experience her style and ask questions about the coaching process. You'll experience firsthand how unique a coaching conversation is. Together, you and Jackie will determine what's best for you and if we're a good fit for each other. Sound simple? It is. Jackie's looking forward to hearing from you!

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Creating Workplace Community: Motivation

Easy to understand and apply to any industry or setting, this book will help you attract, stimulate, and retain the best employees. Stretch your managerial muscles and imaginations by learning from twelve experts who have made it their lifes work to bring out the best in people. In this book they show how easy it is to motivate ourselves and others.

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Thank you for joining me to create the life you love and live the life you create! I enjoy sharing and receiving the gifts of this exciting community.

Create an AMAZING day,


                                                                                          (Volume 2, Issue 5)


Jackie Bredl-Dietrich, CHES, PCC
Life & Business Coach, Speaker, Consultant & Author
P.O. Box 1101, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495



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