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"When the only tool you have is a hammer,

every problem looks like a nail."   

~ Abraham Maslow

You can’t modify an event once it’s happened, but you can alter your interpretation of it. Your observations create what you consider to be real.

By expanding your view, you enhance your power to take action.

Sometimes it takes the boldness of an outside observer – a friend, colleague, spouse, child, parent, coach, or even a complete stranger - to shift your perception and change what’s going on inside of you.

Regardless of the source, nothing opens up a mind to a situation like a

new set of eyes. Frequently, this glimpse creates more possibilities.

As a consultant, Jackie provides assistance to make certain that you get a positive outcome and your desired results. Consulting fees and arrangements for organizations are determined on a project-by-project basis.


The workers in a department have lost their vision and creative intention. Things have become stagnant and lifeless. They’re stuck.

In contrast, when a business experiences rapid growth and change, the office environment can become one of chaos and uncertainty. Roles are unclear and tension crops up.

Another common source of breakdown in organizations is the battle of

“he said, she said.” As the level of conflict escalates, trust evaporates.

The leaders in the above dynamics are often at a loss for brainstorming, organizing and implementing successful solutions. As an observer, leaders can become clouded or unclear and lose touch with what’s really going on. On top of that, addressing this takes time and it’s difficult to carve out what’s needed to shift the conversation and mood.

Good business practice reminds you to work smarter not harder. It’s imperative to rally the troops and get the team on the same page. Often this is a perfect time to enlist an expert (a coach or consultant).

Imagine a new person enters the scene and takes the lead. Her name is Jackie!

She refuses to inherit the perceptions that preceded her. She declines to use the language everyone has been locked into. She rejects old descriptions that don’t fit anymore. She gathers information, develops openness and offers sincerity. She trusts her own energy and intuition. Her fresh perspective allows her to see beyond obstacles. Where others saw only one possibility, she sees a new pathway. Perhaps it’s more uncertain, but it offers a way to broader horizons.

As she begins to perceive more deeply, her language strives to reflect the team’s new-found direction. As others begin to see it, they too awaken to new possibilities. The old framework of being stuck, tense or distrusting gradually melts and people discover new inspiration, motivation and creativity. After a while, the workplace has been transformed into one of invitation and excitement. The reality, as everyone on the work team knew it, has been modified!

Needs Assessment

Many organizations recognize the need for changes in certain areas but aren't sure how to go forward. Very often, what they think is the problem isn't the problem at all.

Jackie is especially good at uncovering needs, separating symptoms from causes, and defining solutions. All of this is done in the sincerity and context of a coaching approach.

Individual Interviews Include:

  • Individual interviews with staff to gather information about perceptions of customers, mood, communication, trust, vision, success, goals, etc. (30-60 minutes each; in-person or on the phone)
  • Compiling of anonymous responses and reporting findings to leaders
  • Determining next steps

Performance Improvement

Jackie assists you in improving all areas of your team or organization. Her recommendations, ideas and methods have streamlined complex procedures, increased productivity, standardized operations, improved quality, saved money and increased revenue.

Coaching with Office Managers, Leaders, Directors, Small Groups and Staff

Intake Coaching Session Includes:

  • Get acquainted phone conversation
  • Scheduling of sessions
  • Welcome packet with relevant materials
  • Reminder phone and email contact
  • Initial and ongoing worksheet review
  • First coaching conversation (1.5-2 hours)
  • Follow-up with summary, highlights and relevant materials with email and/or phone

Ongoing Coaching Sessions (2-4/month) Include:

  • Scheduling of sessions
  • Reminder phone and email contact
  • Coaching conversation (45-60  minutes)
  • Follow-up with highlights, summary and relevant materials through email and/or phone

Staff Retreats/Trainings Include:

  • Determine topics based on needs
  • Prepare content and materials
  • Present and facilitate discussions
  • Follow-up as needed

Meetings Include:

  • Attend meetings as needed or requested to provide updates, information and resources.

Lead With Input

If you’re a leader in business, your belief about situations and the root of problems might be totally on the mark. Your perception may also be way off track or a combination of both. Either way, isn’t it worth the investment to capture an accurate understanding? To move forward in a positive direction, gather insight by having Jackie query your employees.

Once you've identified your current mindset of those around you, you can begin to create shifts. You will realize they’ve happened, those glorious moments when you hear, “Ah-ha,” “I see it,” “I’ve never looked at it that way.” Something new and different has been



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Jackie Bredl-Dietrich, CHES, PCC
Life & Business Coach, Speaker, Consultant & Author
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