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"The important problems we face today cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that we had when we created them."
~ Albert Einstein

Coaching is evolving as a natural form of leadership in the changing world of work. It is a way of managing, a way of communicating, a way of thinking, and a way of being. As a result, coaching produces results beyond people's expectations.

The pressures of a competitive environment create constant challenges in today's workplace. There is no sitting still. As a result, leaders and managers have less time to support others in traditional ways. This also means less time to devote to employees' professional development. People perform best when they feel supported, appreciated and valued for their contributions. When they are learning. When they are in balance, on track and meeting their goals. A coach helps them do this.

Increasingly, coaches are in demand at all levels to help retain valued employees and assist them to:

  • Successfully manage change
  • Learn and implement new skills
  • Balance and develop their professional and personal lives
  • Raise performance to new levels
  • Coach others
  • Work more effectively with customers and colleagues

Organizational coaching contributes to business results by increasing the bottom line and enhancing performance. At the same time, reestablishes personal meaning, well-being and satisfaction. It helps align both organizational and personal goals.

Coaching works because it frees a person's potential so they can perform at their best. Coaches show people the skills they need to establish healthy workplace relationships, focus on priorities and deal with constant change. The results are motivated employees, loyal customers and improved profits.

Through organizational coaching, a profound learning experience is created and powerful actions happen. It provides practical access to the hidden power of verbal and nonverbal communication to achieve greater satisfaction. Coaching allows people to see conversation dynamics that many are blind to. This provides greater ability to create an environment that facilitates what you want to accomplish.



USA Today
"[Your coach] will guide you to a fuller life...whatever you want. Your weakness is his challenge."

"Employees at all levels of the corporate ladder, fed up with a lack of advice from inside the company, are taking matters into their own hands and enlisting coaches for guidance on how to improve their performance, boost their profits, and make better decisions about everything from personnel to strategy. In the age of Every Man for Himself, every man can have a coach and - in an ever more commonly held view - needs one."

Dallas Morning News
"A personal coach can be the answer when people need a push in more than part of their lives or guidance in setting broad lifestyle goals."

Denver Post
"They call themselves 'coaches' and they're a new breed of career counselors multiplying nationwide, promising to unblock barriers to success, and make you a happier, better person to boot."
"Who needs a coach? Perhaps all of us in corporate America could benefit from a good one-on-one to help us sort out our issues, create a plan, and execute it. Executives and young professionals alike are finding that coaching is giving them the insights and skills they need to take charge of themselves--brutal, honest advice that they are not likely to find from someone within the organization."

Sunday Oregonian
"Progressive managers and consultants have long made coaching part of their jobs, helping employees improve their work habits and interpersonal skills. But in recent years, coaching has emerged as a distinct occupation and source of help in the workplace."


Organizational Observer

Over time, an organization or team develops a unique way of observing the world and relationships. Based on this view, people in the organization can see only a limited set of possible actions and may be blind to other ways. As a Newfield Network Coach, Jackie works to shift this "organizational observer."

The "organizational observer" is made up of the views of the individuals participating, the views of the leaders, the historical culture, the values and core beliefs, the prevailing mood, the systems and processes, tools and technology. The purpose is to reveal the "observer" to those in the organization. In this way, true organizational change is possible.

Organizational transformation can't occur without individual transformation.

Coaching Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Every organization is unique and so Jackie tailors each program to meet your specific needs. Coaching can start as a gradual process by exploring it with a few people. It can be done in person, on the phone and through email. It can be with individuals, small groups or teams on a weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule. Coaching in organizations is a three-way partnership among the coach, the coachees (individual or team) and the sponsor. Many organizations support the total expense and others see value in sharing the cost with the employees. Either way, both the employer and the employee must value coaching for it to have maximum benefit.

One-On-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching of individuals is helpful for many work-related concerns, such as role clarification, performance improvement, obstacles to success, new skill development and dealing with change.

One-On-One Coaching Will Allow You To:

  • Work in a powerful and energized way you never imagined possible
  • Discover that leadership lives in your conversations, your emotions and your body
  • Increase your own productivity and satisfaction
  • Find new confidence, inspiration and peace
  • Live your life with more meaning and a renewed sense of purpose
  • Diminish fears, stress and negativity
  • Fundamentally change your view of society and organizations

Group and Team Coaching

Group and team coaching can help members get clear on goals, improve ways of working together, and help resolve issues blocking progress.

Group and Team Coaching will:

  • Generate new conversations and powerful actions in your company
  • Get teams to create ways of coordinating action together
  • Design your corporate systems and processes to produce customer and employee happiness
  • Shift moods toward peace, ambition and mutual trust
  • Create meaning, joy and gratitude in your organization

Consider coaching for your own development and the growth of those who work with you. Please give Jackie a call 715-421-4700 or send her an email to find out more about how coaching can benefit you and others in your organization.


Complimentary Coaching Session -

Let's Get Acquainted!

Would you like to discuss the possibility of creating a coaching relationship? Jackie invites you to contact her to set up a time to talk. This is your opportunity to experience her style and ask questions about the coaching process. You'll experience firsthand how unique a coaching conversation is. Together, you and Jackie will determine what's best for you and if we're a good fit for each other. Sound simple? It is. Jackie's looking forward to hearing from you!


Schedule Your Complimentary Session

Jackie Bredl-Dietrich, CHES, PCC
Life & Business Coach, Speaker, Consultant & Author
P.O. Box 1101, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495



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