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Select from a variety of topics that are sure to provide enjoyable, interactive experiences for any audience. So, don't hesitate to describe what you're looking for. Some examples include, but aren't limited to:


Reunited and It Feels So Good:  Discover the Power of Connecting Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Through stories and activities, experience first hand what this integrated approach is and how it benefits your health and healing. Learn how to pay attention and apply practical ways to enhance your mind-body-spirit connection


A Life of Gratitude & Meaning

There’s a critical point in any challenge when you choose to begin walking the path of gratitude and stop focusing on what’s not working or not happening. At some level, you’re aware of many things to be grateful for, even on the worst of days. Are you able to recall these brilliant moments?

Make a conscious choice to enhance your perception of gratitude and become aware of things that touch your heart. You'll be amazed by the power that just paying attention will create. You'll be inspired and excited to share your gifts with others.

Discover the power of your inner wisdom and outer guidance. Jackie will help you awaken your creativity, intuition and trust.


Creating Connections:  Relationships with Heart

Helping, fixing and serving represent three different ways of connecting with people. What approach are you taking and are you making a difference in your life and the lives of others?

Explore how to create stronger, more meaningful relationships so that you can provide a quality experience. Through interactive activities you’ll gain awareness of how people view their life and the impact it has on their decisions.


Apply these skills and you won’t ever underestimate the impact of the work you do. You’ll know you made a difference!


By the end of this program, all participants will:

  1. Understand what an “Ah-ha” Moment is.
  2. Gain awareness of how people view life differently and the impact on decisions.
  3. Know the difference between helping, fixing, and serving.
  4. Identify how they can “serve” and “connect” with others.
  5. Connect with one other person in the room through the connection activity.
  6. Learn and apply skills to create stronger relationships.


Conversation Awareness:  Create Courage &


We communicate through our words, body movements and feelings. Why are some conversations easier and others more difficult? This fun, interactive program highlights the importance of conversation as it relates to your personal and professional life. Learn the key elements in asking for what you need or want. Discover the power of connecting movement with the body. Gain insight on the impact moods have on your conversations. Take a new look at the character you play in life. Apply these concepts and learn how to make the most of interactions with your family, friends, coworkers and others.

By the end of this program, all participants will:

  1. Learn about themselves and others in the 3 domains of language, body and emotions/moods.
  2. Become new observers of themselves and the team/organization they function.
  3. Apply coaching concepts to improve communication, increase creativity, become more effective and open up new possibilities for action.
  4. Become familiar with the Observer/Action/Result model and the Language/Body/Emotion Model.
  5. Explore common characteristics of possessing courage.
  6. Learn the elements of requests, offers and promises and how to make them effective.


Intuition & Leadership:  Trusting Your Gut

As a leader, you make challenging, important decisions every day. Are there times when you want to follow your hunches and don't? In this program you'll learn what intuition is and how you can enhance the power of your intuitive skills. You'll be guided through individual and partner activities to encourage confidence in the use of intuition at work, at home and in your community. You'll have the opportunity to listen to your own inner wisdom and learn how to support others.

By the end of this program, all participants will:

  1. Learn what intuition is.
  2. Enhance the power and use of their intuitive skills in making decisions.
  3. Be guided through individual and partner exercises to encourage confidence in the use of intuition at work, home and the community they live.
  4. Learn how to support others in making decisions.


Your Body Talks & the World Listens

More effective communication happens when you’re aware of your body posture and facial expressions. If you’re not paying attention, you’re missing huge possibilities for yourself and your clients.


This fun, interactive program highlights the importance of your body movements, how they impact the actions you take, and how others view you. Identify your primary body posture and learn what that means. Practice making subtle adjustments to create different results. Apply these skills to shift the mood, expand your listening and increase your client’s focus.


By the end of this program, all participants will:

  1. Become familiar with the Language/Body/Emotion Model.
  2. Learn and practice the 5 body dispositions.  (Openness, Determination, Flexibility, Stability, Centeredness)
  3. Identify their primary body posture.
  4. Gain insight into what is possible or not possible in each of the body dispositions.
  5. Discover the power of connecting movement with the body and bringing “play” into their life.
  6. Practice postures with partner to develop uncomfortable postures.


Creating a Motivating, Healthy Workplace Community

The average American spends more time at work than with family, friends, or neighbors. The hours devoted to business will eclipse those spent doing leisure activities and hobbies. Because of this intense commitment, the best employees will gravitate toward the most motivating, healthy environment. Whether you're a front-line employee, new manager, executive, entrepreneur or senior manager, you’re charged with the task of creating it.

What does a motivating, healthy workplace have that others don’t? With a partner, take a simple assessment to identify your current beliefs about your workplace. Learn ideas, philosophies and practical tips for creating a supportive environment that integrates a sense of community and a shared vision to create a vibrant workplace community.

This program is based on Jackie's latest book, Creating Workplace Community: Motivation, and provides easy to understand and apply solutions, philosophies and practical tips to bring out the best in people.


By the end of this program, all participants will:

  1. Define “community” and how it applies to their workplace.
  2. Draw/build their “ideal” motivating, healthy workplace community.
  3. Become aware of the power of perception and how shifts in views can impact the actions taken and the outcomes achieved.
  4. Complete an assessment to determine the mood, success, vision, communication and trust level in their current workplace.
  5. Gain examples of how to create a motivating environment that excites and challenges workers.


Coaching:  Creating the Ultimate Strategic Alliance

Discover the power of coaching! New possibilities for long-term change become available to organizations and people when there is a shift in the way we see ourselves, others, situations and the world. This program will describe what coaching is and what it isn't. You'll also learn skills and gain insight into how coaching can be incorporated into what you're currently doing and possibly even become your career. Find out more about becoming a certified coach and available trainings. Explore the dynamics of one of the fastest growing ways of having conversations in both our personal and professional lives.

By the end of this program, all participants will:

  1. Be introduced to one of the fastest growing professions, coaching.
  2. Learn what coaching is and how it produces long term results.
  3. Gain insight into what makes coaching distinct from other ways of leading.
  4. Experience a coaching conversation focused on shifting the observer to create new possibilities for action.
  5. Gain knowledge that will allow them to implement simple coaching techniques to create positive changes with those they serve.
  6. Gain information about what’s involved in becoming a certified coach, options for training (accredited verses non-accredited programs) and resources.


Calling All Career Changers!
EXTREME Career Makeover with Patience

Have you ever watched a makeover show on television and wished someone could transform your career - the way the TV experts remodel a home? Now you can star in your own career makeover show! Jackie will walk you through the steps to change your existing job into a meaningful career or begin to pursue your passion by starting your own business. Imagine being excited to go to work every day. Imagine feeling purposeful and productive. And imagine knowing every day what steps to take to reach your goal!

By the end of this program, all participants will:

  1. Assess your current career and clearly define your options.
  2. Identify interests and explore what's next for you.
  3. Overcome your fears and obstacles you face about making a change.
  4. Learn action steps to help you prepare for and transition into your new career or business.
  5. Interact, learn and gain support from others.
  6. Gain resources for your chosen direction.
  7. Risk-proof your makeover by creating your makeover team.


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