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Boost Morale Increase Profits Keep Your Best Employees!

Creating Workplace Community:  Motivation shows you how to create the type of workplace where people quickly respond, "I'm glad I work here!"

Book Description

It provides solutions, philosophies, and practical tips that are easy to understand and apply to any industry or setting. It will help you attract, stimulate, and retain the best employees and show you how easy it is to motivate yourself and others.

You can breeze through it in one setting or digest it slowly, chapter by chapter. Each topic is a template for exercises with your team or portions can be assigned for individuals to present. Pass on the ideas to people above you, below you, and next to you.

Your best employees are instrumental in contributing to your company's overall success. They are the ones who show up day after day and perform at peak levels. To continue to prosper and grow, you need to keep these employees motivated and happy.

Whether you're a frontline employee, manager, or entrepreneur this book shows you:

  • How shared values of individuals, teams, and organizations can create an intersection of greatness.
  • How understanding the four categories of communicators help you recognize, respect, and successfully work with each type.
  • Tips for creating more time in your day by eliminating common time-wasters and implementing useful time-savers.
  • How "right-size" goals, when gathered from team input and aligned with company goals, can unify teams, set higher expectations, and promote accountability.
  • Twelve easy methods to coach yourself or others to achieve any goal.
  • Ways to empower all your employees, from first-day training to company-wide surveying.
  • The four cornerstones of leadership, which you can use to touch and motivate every individual or team.
  • Simple tools for creating an environment of high engagement, one in which all workers fully give of themselves.
  • How to identify everyday stressors and methods for successfully managing them.
  • The power of perception and how shifts in observation and views can impact outcomes as much or more than actions.
  • The benefits of mentoring, between individuals and in structured groups.
  • How to create a motivating environment that can excite and challenge workers.

You'll be able to stretch your managerial muscles by learning how to keep your best employees and how to deal with your most difficult ones.

About the Authors

Donna Baylor, Jackie Bredl-Dietrich, Steven Calandra, Stasia Carr, Rachel Cohen, Janet Kramer, David Meyer, Jeremy Nash, Freddie Ray, Linda Reinhardt, Becca Robinson, Ann Strong

These 12 experts have made it their life's work to bring out the best in people. They have spent thousands of hours consulting, training, speaking, and coaching on various areas of motivation, including leadership, communication, engagement, goal-setting, values, empowerment, coaching, stress management, and other areas of employee development. Their years of varied work experience and different career paths combine for a single portrait of how easy it is to build a vibrant workplace, bursting with motivated employees.

Jackie Bredl-Dietrich is a contributing author to this recently published book. In chapter 10, she shares her insights about the power of perception and how shifts in observation and views can impact outcomes as much or more than actions.

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Paperback/144 Pages/ISBN# 0974929204

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Jackie Bredl-Dietrich, CHES, PCC
Life & Business Coach, Speaker, Consultant & Author
P.O. Box 1101, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495



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