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August, 2003

The eyes that see the soul are different from the eyes that see the self. We see soul when we are in the mystery. We see self when we are in events. The coach must have eyes for both."
~ Julio Olalla, Founder of The Newfield Network



In This Issue


  Upcoming Events

  New Location – Livin’ the Dream

  “Ah Ha” Moments

  My Offer

  My Request

  Give the Gift of Coaching




In July, I attended the National Wellness Conference for the 5th year in a row. As always, this was an amazing experience of connection, rejuvenation, meaningful energy exchange and of course, learning! I actually considered (for a brief second) not going for the whole week this year. WOW! What a big mistake that would have been. Just another fine example of listening to your intuition. It knows what it’s talking about!


As the summer begins to come to a close, I’m at a place of reflection. I’m pausing to take a look at all the magical things that are unfolding before my eyes. I’m so grateful for being where I am right now - between the no longer and the not yet – in the here and now.


I would like to genuinely express my gratitude and appreciation to the people and organizations who I have connected with in the past couple months. Thank you!


My Coachees – Thanks for showing me your grace and being living proof that unbelievable, powerful things happen when we connect with what’s important. I’m amazed everyday by what I see revealed in your lives. Thank you for this sacred space of exploring and learning. I appreciate your trust, openness and faith in this process!


National Wellness Conference – Connecting with new and old friends. WOW! Enough said.


Arizona State University, Dr. Troy Adams – My Dear Friend - AKA “My Buddy”.


Jana Stanfield Her music continues to motivate, soothe and refresh me.


Family, Friends & Everyone that Helped with Our New Home – We’re livin’ the dream!


WI Rapids Central Labor Council, Michelle Hartness


WI Rapids Daily Tribune, Deb Thomas


KARAOKE NIGHT at the National Wellness Conference




       Gettin’ Jiggy,                      Dr. Troy Adams ,              Good Shot, Dr. Bill Hettler!

     Dianne & Tricia!             You Made My Newsletter.

                                             It’s a Wonderful World!



New Location – Livin’ the Dream

In June, my husband and I bought and moved into a new home. Well, okay not new. Actually very, very old. A Queen Anne Victorian built in 1892. I’m officially offering in-person coaching sessions in what I refer to as, The Coaching Parlor.


I have lots of exciting plans for the future which may include creating a Labyrinth. This is a walking meditation path that people I coach will be able to take advantage of. Stay tuned! Another offer is that the Coaching Parlor can be requested for meetings, workshops and other events that you may want to hold in an inspiring, peaceful, serene, historic setting. Interested? Let’s talk!


Thanks to everyone for their support and help to make our dream a reality. Family, friends and business people - you know who you are! Special thanks go to Mike Spranger ( Mike Spranger Real Estate), Sue Ruesch (River Cities Bank), Rick Bender (Bender & Bender) and Jim Tuchscherer ( Nash , Podvin, Tuschscherer, Huttenburg, Weymouth & Kryshak Trial Lawyers).   





“Ah-Ha” Moments

I had a huge one myself a couple of weeks ago! And many more since then. Here’s the one I’d like to share. It was Friday after the Wellness Conference and I was walking around my yard when a light bulb went on in my head. At the conference I had the great pleasure of drumming with Jahmes Finlayson and connecting with him ( ). My thought was, “Hey, I should offer a drumming workshop with Jahmes! Yeah – that would be so cool!” As I was processing this amazing idea I walked into my office. My phone was ringing. I answered it. Guess who it was? Jahmes!


The universe is full of magic. Open your mind, heart, arms and embrace it. This leads me to something else I want to pass onto you. A new song from Jana Stanfield. Enjoy! ( )


You will do amazing things

With the choice each new day brings

And with every step you take

List the progress that you make

The reason you live

Is there in every gift you give

Love your life

Live your dreams

You will do amazing things


Amazing, Amazing

You will do amazing things


Oh the places you will go

And the people you will know

Don’t worry when or where or how

You don’t need to know that now

You’re on the right track

No need to look ahead or back

Just enjoy what this day brings

You will do amazing things


Amazing, Amazing

You will do amazing things


You don’t have to work it out

Just stay in the here and now

Let your mind rest for a little while

Sometimes deepest answers come

When you’re out there having fun

So close your eyes

Take a breath

And smile

Amazing, Amazing

You will do amazing things



My Offer

As the creator of Whole Life Visions, I provide Individual, Group and Organizational Coaching to increase personal well-being and professional effectiveness; present Interactive, Empowering Workshops; and coordinate Wellness Activities; Community Events and Special Projects .


According to my clients, I offer one of the most sincere relationships they’ve ever had – a simple, safe place to reflect, explore and move toward their vision – in any area of their life. I consider the whole person no matter what brings them to coaching.


I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my practice. I’m an intuitive, compassionate, positive and creative partner.


I would be honored to share this information with you and others. So, don’t hesitate to invite me to come to your next staff meeting or social gathering. 



My Request

My request is that you will be an advocate for me and the profession of coaching. I’m a pioneer locally. One of my goals is to spread the word so that others can benefit. I value your assistance and would appreciate your support. I’m very grateful to those of you who have referred coaching clients, workshops and consulting opportunities my way.    


Do you know someone else who would enjoy the Whole Life Visions Newsletter? Please forward this on or refer them to to sign up. Remember to keep the information intact, including the contact information. Thanks!



Give the Gift of Coaching

Give the people that are important to you the opportunity to achieve all that they want in life. Give them a gift certificate to get started with a coach to guide them on their journey.



Thank you for joining me to create the life you

love and live the life you create! I enjoy sharing and receiving the gifts of this exciting community.


Create a great day,


                                                                                                   (Volume 1, Issue 4)




Jackie Bredl-Dietrich, CHES, PCC
Life & Business Coach, Speaker, Consultant & Author
P.O. Box 1101, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495



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