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October, 2003


Happy Daylight Saving Time!


In This Issue

  “Ah Ha” Moments

  Tumbling Tower “Stands” for Life & Coaching


  Our Light & Dark Sides

  Good Energy


  My Offer

  My Request

  Give the Gift of Coaching



“Live in the questions. Embrace the answers.”

~ Billboard on a recent trip to the Chicago area


  “Ah-Ha” Moments

My Dad celebrated his 70th birthday last month. Happy Birthday, Dad! In August, we took a trip to Arkansas where he lives. One of the highlights was visiting Eureka Springs. This is an authentic 19 th century Victorian village nestled in the Ozark Mountains . It began as an oasis of healing. Visitors were attracted to the miraculous healing properties in the spring’s waters that were believed to have therapeutic value for many of the prevalent diseases. Eureka Springs became a resort town almost overnight and the economy was developed around the springs. Today it thrives as a tourist center and retirement area.


Why am I telling you this? Well, Eureka is Greek for “I found it.” Another way to say “Ah-Ha.” We’ve all been there – that glorious moment when we say, “I found it – I see it – WOW!”  


So here’s the deal, if Eureka Springs was built on people’s belief in an “Ah-Ha” then just imagine the power each one of us has when we open up to the possible Eureka’s in our own life. As your coach, I can assist you in finding them!


What “Ah-Ha” moments have defined you and the path you’ve taken? What’s next for you?  


Happy Birthday, Dad!



Tumbling Tower “Stands” for Life & Coaching

Have you ever waken up with a strange thought racing through your mind? Well, it’s been happening to me more and more. Ha! The other day I awoke to the thought of the game Tumbling Tower or Jenga, as it’s sometimes called.


The object of this game is to build the tower and balance the blocks without making it tumble. Players select and pull one wooden block at a time from the tower and place it gently on top without toppling the teetering tower. They take turns holding their breath and waiting until the tower wiggles, wobbles, and finally

comes crashing down. The last one to put a block on without making it fall is the winner. Nerve-racking excitement!



Being the learner and evolving coach that I am, I welcomed this crazy correlation. Believe it our not, I made sense of it and was suddenly relating it to life and coaching. Imagine that! Let me try to explain.


If you’ve ever played this game you know that with each move there’s anticipation, fear, excitement and uncertainty. As with life, sometimes you think, “Gosh, I like my tower just the way it is.” Then you realize in order to grow you need to continue to make moves because your life is constantly being reshaped.


Have you ever felt like your life is going to take one big tumble and everything you’ve built is going to crumble to the ground? That’s gravity for you! Or have you experienced the turmoil of not being strong and solid with your decisions? How about not having a balance that works for you?    


Now think about this game. It has many similarities to life. It is also one of the reasons that people seek out my coaching. Like this game, people sometimes believe that if they take a certain action everything they have built is going to tumble. Well, it may and it may not. If it does, they rebuild. Either way, the actions they take adjust the shape of their life – their tower.


Are you still with me? Seek out that block of wood in your life, declare that you’re going to move it, make a plan, jiggle it loose and see what happens for you. Your tower will take on a new look and create exciting opportunities.


If you get nothing else from my DEEP analogy, just go play the game and have some fun!


In summary, be patient - wait for your turn, cheer others on, take deep breaths, trust, move one piece at a time, know that you can rebuild, strive for balance, change is always happening, some moves are easier than others, be gentle and graceful, laugh and have a blast!



“Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart

and not in the mind.”               ~ Lionel Hampton


I would like to genuinely express my appreciation to the people and organizations who I have connected with in the past couple months. Thank you!


WI Business & Professional Women - Deb Rieckenberg


Optimist Club - Tom Enswright


Heart of WI Business & Economic Alliance - Connie Loden


Stora Enso North America - Pat Boerner

Health Concepts - Suzann Cook


Mastermind Group - Sherri Maxson ( Max Media ) & Joanne Keyzer (Health Studio) Thanks for the opportunity to be in the company of inspiring women and the safe place to reflect on all that is becoming.  


Wisconsin Learning Center - Doris McAllister

I appreciate all your support and the positive energy you share!

Team Schierl Companies - Candace Meronk , Bill Schierl , Tim Schierl & Fritz Schierl

You have an amazing company and I’m looking forward to being your organization’s coach!


Sobie - my dear friend & Madhu - my coaching buddy

I had a wonderful visit with both of you in Chicago !


All Smiles - Sobie, Jackie & Madhu  


Our Light & Dark Sides

“We know what we are but not what we may become.”             ~ William Shakespeare


How do you dress? What colors do you prefer to wear? What do you eat? What did your parents say was important in life? What do you like to read? Where were you born? I could continue with infinite questions like these which would give me a profile of the person you have become through the years.


The way we are brings us benefits as well as suffering. We all have a “light side” and a “dark side” – the ying and the yang. This is how it works. For all the qualities you love about yourself there is an opposite force pulling at you. For example, a passionate person may get frustrated. An understanding person may have a tendency to be taken advantage of. Someone who is very dependable may not adapt to change easily. A person who is right at home with change may find it difficult to focus on a project and complete it. There are endless examples. Are you picking up what I’m laying down?


Well, I recently shared ONE of my dark sides with my coach. Oh my, what an emotional roller coaster that led to. So, you think I’m going to tell you about it? No way – this is confidential stuff! Seriously, it was an empowering experience for me. And since then I’ve been able to move in a more positive, true direction for myself.


When I start coaching with people I allow them to get other’s perspectives through a worksheet I provide. I give them the feedback anonymously. It is quite an eye opener. One of the questions is, “What do you see as this person’s dark side?”


In coaching, I partner with people who want to develop a more balanced approach. Together, we explore what's possible and what's not possible for them in their present way of doing things (moving, speaking and thinking). They learn to access and utilize different ways of showing up in the world to best fit the outcome they want to achieve.


Jackie & John Embracing the Light & the Dark


Good Energy

It has occurred to me that I’ve been hearing this statement a lot lately. Those that are seeking me out tend to say that they’re attracted to me because of the good energy that I have. WOW! What a compliment this is, especially since it is something I’ve really held an intention around for some time now. In my next newsletter I plan to share some recent coaching testimonials with you. Stay tuned!  



These are not the most flattering photos I’ve ever had but I’m sharing them with you anyway. They were taken at a recent presentation I did for the Heart of Wisconsin Leadership Program Retreat. It reminds me to wish all the participants the best of luck with their projects!



My Offer

As the creator of Whole Life Visions, I provide Individual, Group and Organizational Coaching to increase personal well-being and professional effectiveness; present Interactive, Empowering Workshops ; and coordinate Wellness Activities; Community Events and Special Projects .


According to my clients, I offer one of the most sincere relationships they’ve ever had – a simple, safe place to reflect, explore and move toward their vision – in any area of their life. I consider the whole person no matter what brings them to coaching.


I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my practice. I’m an intuitive, compassionate, positive and creative partner.


I would be honored to share this information with you and others. So, don’t hesitate to invite me to come to your next staff meeting or social gathering. 



My Request

My request is that you will be an advocate for me and the profession of coaching. I’m a pioneer locally. One of my goals is to spread the word so that others can benefit. I value your assistance and would appreciate your support. I’m very grateful to those of you who have referred coaching clients, workshops and consulting opportunities my way.    


Do you know someone else who would enjoy the Whole Life Visions Newsletter? Please forward this on or refer them to to sign up. Remember to keep the information intact, including the contact information. Thanks!



Give the Gift of Coaching

Give the people that are important to you the opportunity to achieve all that they want in life. Give them a gift certificate to get started with a coach to guide them on their journey.



Thank you for joining me to create the life you love and live the life you create! I enjoy sharing and receiving the gifts of this exciting community.


Create a great day,


                                                                                          (Volume 1, Issue 5)



Jackie Bredl-Dietrich, CHES, PCC
Life & Business Coach, Speaker, Consultant & Author
P.O. Box 1101, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495



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